Solve at least previous 7 years' question papers like a mock exam. Treat it like a proper exam where you cannot refer book or leave any question. This will help you not only in the revision of the concepts you have studied but also in assessing the difficulty level and preparing those concepts better that are usually asked time and again. Set a Timer and make sure no one disturbs you.

2. Compete with Yourself

Keep a clear and brief record of your marks in all the previous tests and pre-boards to gauge how much improvement you need in which subject. Set portion targets while studying instead of time targets. For eg when u sit in the morning for studies - Say out loud a declaration to yourself or your family/friends that you ll take break once you finish a particular chapter. We are looking for smart studying NOT sitting in front of the book and day dreaming.

3. Your Text Book is your Bible!

It's good to study reference books for enhancing your knowledge however when board exams are drawing closer and your sole objective is to score as high as you can in the exams, you must strictly follow the books listed in your syllabus.

4. Identify your Weaknesses

By the time its February you would've given multiple tests on each and every subject and this will make it easier for you to identify your weak areas.

5. Time Management

Making use of each and every minute is a trait which differentiates 91+ scorers. But hey thats almost next to impossible to be actually focusing on studies every minute. I have a small cheat code - " Allow your self to day dream!" If we keep on resisting what we want to think we can never focus properly. So if u find your mind wandering, set a timer for 5mins or 10mins and let your mind wander happily. Then come back to studies.

6. Shoo Away Distractions

Distractions mostly include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Take a break from your social media accounts for the next two months. This is the most crucial time to lay a great foundation for your career and success in life. Best way is to Switch off your phone and use it only twice a day at set time.

7. Focus on Languages

Despite the fact that most of the students focus on Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, etc. as these are the tough nuts to crack, do not ignore the language subjects like English and Hindi, as these are the subjects that can actually boost your percentage even if you under perform in any of the other subjects. Just spare an hour to languages and aim at 96+ if not 100.

8. Clarity of Thought, Expression & Handwriting

Teachers from CBSE and ICSE boards are being appointed to check the answer sheets of students. The assessors check thousands of answer sheets in limited time. Therefore, you must attempt a neat and clean answer sheet where the teacher doesn't have to stress herself/himself merely to figure out your handwriting or fishing out gist of your answers. Aim to present your answers in neat handwriting and write answers with clarity of thought and simple sentence structure.

9. Do not snack on Junk Food

Do not snack on chips or cola. Instead snack on fresh fruits, juices, buttermilk. Oily & greasy food will make you lethargic & sleepy.