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Welcome to Shilpi's Academy

Shilpi's Academy believes in educating through practical and HOLISTIC means and not through rote learning and flushing on the paper. Learning without understanding??? - Google gives Information, We give Education. Our age is characterized as an era of "information overloaded". At the click of a button we can find all the information we want and much more. But as the old adage goes "too much of good thing is bad", sieving the vast and seemingly endless volume of information seems a extremely difficult task. Hence, I decided to embark on this journey and help my students to flourish in their respective choice of career.

They say, "Records are meant to be broken" and our students have consistently set high records and unfailingly the current batches have broken them. At the same time I insist that marks are not important. Students should try to enhance their knowledge in order to face the challenges in the professional world. As they say "Leaders are Created & not born". Here at Shilpi's Academy we believe that each Child/Student is special and we give personalized attention to develop the skills of each. Our staffs will give best coaching for the students to laid a strong foundation in their education carrier. We are familiar in the following courses like CS coaching, CA foundation, Cost & Management Accounting, and CBSE syllabus tuitions.